Sunday, 2 October 2011


Last night my father went to a BBQ, Supposed to come home that night, So I leave the lights on for him so he doesn't have to turn them on himself.
I wake up at 11am, Lights all still on, No one in bed. He didn't come home!
I post a rant journal about it on deviantART then he turns up.

I'm super pissed off at this moment. There are pictures of him ..doing things..drunken things.. on facebook.
Hes 45, going out getting drunk fucking everything in sight. He shouldn't be doing that, Because I grew up since I was 6 of that because of my mother.

Congrats dad, Your the male version of mum.What you gonna disown me next? Just like mum done?
Go fuck yourself.
And he thinks getting me a McDonalds will make me happy? Yes make me fat, that'll make me happy.

I've blocked all my family on facebook, the friends of my dads I had on it.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Fursuit News

Hey Guys!
Got some news on the fursuit...
I'm not going to make one myself, I'm going to commission one!!!
I'm happy c:
So my fursuit is gonna be of my new fursona, Teva D. Husky!
Heres a drawing I done of her today!

Okay, Well thats it for now! Bye <3

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Furries on Black Ops

Ages ago i was on black ops and i found my first furry on it!
I was so proud of myself for finding him :P
My dad kept asking what Yiff was..AWKWARD! i never told him and i never will xD

Bed blog

Currently lying in bed trying to sleep,  i've been really paranoid since last night when a giant spider was in my room and i had to kill it! Im scared that another one will appear soon!
Its way too hot to sleep aswell which doesn't really help :/
Cyaa :3

Monday, 26 September 2011

Fursuit Blogs Start Soon

Hey guys! When I finally get all my fursuit materials I'll start fursuit blogs, I'll be posting pics of my fursuit as we go through the progress of making it!
I've planned everything out now and I have a binder with all my planning sheets in :D
So like make sure your following, I'll post on my furaffinity once I've started my fursuit and a link to here :3

Byee c:

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Next Weekend

I get to buy some materials for my partial fursuit! I'm so excited! I finally get to start to make my own fursuit!
Ever since I found out about fursuits back in July 2010 I've wanted one really badly! And now I get to make one!

I want to have at least my head made for halloween, and hopefully tail so when I take my little cousin Trick Or Treating I can wear it xD

So far I have saved up £45 which is really good cause I don't ever get pocket money, I can't have a Paper round job because they leave to do the paper round as I'm leaving for school and money is really tight at the moment. I've done some adding up and all my materials will be around £80, Because I need fur, foam, hot glue gun, balaclava, elastic, black see through fabric, ect.

I'm making a toony style head, hand & feetpaws and a tail c:

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Today I finished school early, And me and my friend and her boyfriend went exploring and we found a park, we started messing around and drawing stuff, I ended up drawing a yiff picture haha :P
Then I made a sign saying "WILL YIFF FOR ££££" and started parading up and down the path showing random people it xD I got some funny looks :P
Then I started shouting yiff at old men on push bikes ahaha they were so confused! <w>

Okay well its been a long day, I'm absolutely shattered (was gonna say knackered but nu lol), I'm off to bed! Night <3