Sunday, 25 September 2011

Next Weekend

I get to buy some materials for my partial fursuit! I'm so excited! I finally get to start to make my own fursuit!
Ever since I found out about fursuits back in July 2010 I've wanted one really badly! And now I get to make one!

I want to have at least my head made for halloween, and hopefully tail so when I take my little cousin Trick Or Treating I can wear it xD

So far I have saved up £45 which is really good cause I don't ever get pocket money, I can't have a Paper round job because they leave to do the paper round as I'm leaving for school and money is really tight at the moment. I've done some adding up and all my materials will be around £80, Because I need fur, foam, hot glue gun, balaclava, elastic, black see through fabric, ect.

I'm making a toony style head, hand & feetpaws and a tail c:

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