Sunday, 2 October 2011


Last night my father went to a BBQ, Supposed to come home that night, So I leave the lights on for him so he doesn't have to turn them on himself.
I wake up at 11am, Lights all still on, No one in bed. He didn't come home!
I post a rant journal about it on deviantART then he turns up.

I'm super pissed off at this moment. There are pictures of him ..doing things..drunken things.. on facebook.
Hes 45, going out getting drunk fucking everything in sight. He shouldn't be doing that, Because I grew up since I was 6 of that because of my mother.

Congrats dad, Your the male version of mum.What you gonna disown me next? Just like mum done?
Go fuck yourself.
And he thinks getting me a McDonalds will make me happy? Yes make me fat, that'll make me happy.

I've blocked all my family on facebook, the friends of my dads I had on it.

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